Exposed Aggregate Driveways are our specialty at Hux Concrete Co.

Why Choose Exposed Aggregate for your Driveway?

  • Exposed Aggregate wears well under continual use. Your driveway is a high traffic area and requires a surface that will stand up to repeated use without a reduction in quality.
  • Exposed Aggregate is non slip for better driveway traction
  • Exposed Aggregate has a rugged appearance which hides stains and dirt better than a plain concrete allowing it to maintain its appearance over time.
  • Decorative Aggregate is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to complement your property and landscape
  • A well-presented driveway adds value to your property

What is the process of creating my Exposed Aggregate Driveway?

We start with your design ideas and concepts for your driveway, then offer suggestions based on our experience and skills. Once we have agreed on a design, colours and finishes we create a personalised quote for your job. We agree on dates for the start and finish of your project so you can plan around us – this is particularly helpful for clients who are working with additional contractors on building or landscaping projects. We do our very best to ensure minimum disruption to your home and lifestyle while we complete your driveway. Our tradesmen treat your home like our own, ensuring we clean up all rubbish and materials at completion of your job.

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How long before I can use my new driveway?

Your concrete driveway needs time to set properly to ensure it remains strong and sturdy over time. The time taken for the concrete to fully set varies depending on the slab thickness and the base we laid the concrete on as well as environmental factors.

As a general guideline

  • You can walk on your driveway after 2 days
  • You can drive normal vehicles on the driveway after 7 days but should avoid heavier vehicles
  • After 30 days your driveway should have set completely, developing its full strength and it suitable for full use.