About Hux Concrete Co

Hux Concrete Co is a local family owned and operated business situated in St Helena, servicing all Northern & Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our objective is to offer clients a high-quality service bringing their ideas and plans alive through an exposed aggregate masterpiece.

The team at Hux Concrete Co values a good working & friendly relationship with our clients so that they can achieve their desired result for their driveway. We are confident in our knowledge of exposed aggregate – business owner Luke has over 10 years’ experience in the concreting industry. Over the past 10 years, our team has grown from a single man business to 5 employees.

Our team are all experienced and highly skilled, coming from a range of landscaping and concreting backgrounds. We use a specialised technique for all our exposed aggregate concrete projects to achieve quality results. Our technique is what sets us apart from other companies, we wash off and expose the concrete the day after pouring. Washing the concrete off the same day it is poured runs the risk of inconsistent results, including over exposure and a weakened surface.

Melbourne Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway

We are confident in the longevity and structural strength of your aggregate concrete project, using good quality reinforcing mesh, compacted crushed rock and Vic Mix exposed aggregate. Vic Mix are a Victorian based concrete supplier whose aggregates are derived from two basic sources; hard rock quarries and sand quarries.

Hux Concrete Co are fully insured and prepared to handle any residential or larger scale project. Mainly completing residential projects in the past, more recently we have completed works at the local Eltham College School campus. We complete all our projects efficiently but ensure we are reliable and pride ourselves on doing a thorough job!